Refining Massage Therapy

Orthopedic Assesment

Orthopedic Assesment

Orthopedic Assesment


Orthopedic Assessment is the analysis of muscle and bone function. A proper orthopedic assessment it critical the the success of your treatment because we can correctly identify the cause of the problem.

5 Steps of Treatment

Orthopedic Assesment

Orthopedic Assesment


1. In depth healthy history and orthopedic assessment.

2. Personalized treatment plan.

3. Re-Evaluation.

4. Prevention/Home-Care

5. Maintenance.

Why Choose MyoMedic

Orthopedic Assesment

Why Choose MyoMedic


  • Our treatment plans deliver cost effective results, with and end in sight.
  • 1 FLAT RATE; We don't charge different rates for different services. Instead, we incorporate all the tools at our disposal when designing your treatment plan. If you need it...YOU get it!


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