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Cody Innes "Myo-Medic"

I have combined my formal education in kinesiology and massage therapy to deliver treatment plans that create long term results in pain management and performance.

About Me


Cody Innes


Hi there. My name is Cody Innes; owner of Myo-Medic Massage Therapy. I want to share a bit about who I am and why I became a Massage Therapist so you have an idea of who I am when you book a treatment with me.

My decision to become a Massage Therapist was part of an evolving desire to help others while staying the the field of health and wellness. I spent my youth anoverweight, my heaviest was 280lbs at the age of 18. This was the turning point for me, I made the commitment to myself to lose weight and never looked back! In 2 years I managed to lose 110lbs reaching a healthy weight of 170lbs. My journey to this point was full of blood sweat and tears, I couldn't afford to hire a professional and did my best trying to understand fatloss from the internet; looking back I didn't have the most efficient path but it taught me grit and determination. Reaching my all time lowest wight was an amazing accomplishment, it felt a great sense of pride in achieving my goal. But it was time for a new goal, enter bodybuilding; it was time to pack on the muscle, and compete on stage. While it took me a long time to find the courage to step on stage, I finally did it and took home 3rd place in Men's Classic bodybuilding. I am still a huge fan of bodybuilding and plan on competing again, but have shifted my focus to Rugby.

Reaching my all time low of 170lbs sparked my passion for health and wellness, and at the age of 20 enrolled in university with the goal of being a personal trainer. I wanted to help others find comfort in their own skin and live the life they chose, just as I did. Earning my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) designation allowed me to coach many people in their personal transformations, bodybuilders prepping for contest and team sport athletes looking to maximize performance. 

Over the years my passion for helping people continued to evolve, and in 2019 I became a Registered Massage Therapist, focusing my practice on competitive and  general fitness enthusiasts.

My unique personal experience as an athlete, a strength and conditioning coach and massage therapist, has allowed me to create a massage therapy practice focusing on performance and pain management. I understand first hand how frustrating it is when a healthcare practitioner suggest not to exercise due to an injury. While this is necessary in some cases, I maintain a philosophy of training around injuries so that we can heal optimally and return to peak performance as soon as possible.

If you are an athlete, have suffered through an accident/injury, live with chronic pain and want an effective treatment plan, I am your guy! I maintain an evidence based approach to exercise and manual therapy in order to create an effective treatment plan.

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